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E/S Brush N°2


The E/S brush N°2 is known for its full and rounded shape. Designed for precise adjustment when applying and blending powder eyeshadow. It takes up just the right amount of pigment and ensures optimal hold.


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Eye Stylo WR


An ultra soft and creamy texture, expedient to/for women with sensitive eyes. The Eye Stylo WR enables you to draw an extreme precise, intense and steady line. It gives you a semi-mat result and can be easily blurred into a sooty black effect.


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F-OXY Mascara


With Oxy-Relief Therapy which stimulates microcirculation and health of the eyelashes. Ozonized Jojoba Oil restores volume, elasticity and natural shine of the lashes, while the rich yet lightweight formula envelops the lashes more volume, extra length and improved curl.


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Foundation brush N°3


The Pinceau FDT N°3 is suitable for applying liquid and creamy foundations. It exists from a frayed layered of innovative hairs that feel soft but are sufficiently firm to spread the matter quickly and easily. The slanted brush head is compact allowing larger amounts of product to be worked out. The result is a smooth one spreading the product for a radiant finish.


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Full Gloss Lip Maximizer


The Gloss Lip “Full Gloss Lip Maximizer” of Les Couleurs de Noir hydrates the lips and creates instant and durable volume thanks to the MAXI-LIP™. This natural peptide is effective in the reconstruction of the connective substance by stimulating the synthesis of collagen (+350%) and glycosaminoglycans (+146%). The perfect solution for a glossy, light and non-adhesive effect which makes your lips pulpier. Dermatologically tested, paraben-free, odourless, paraffin-free, without any mineral oils and hypoallergenic.


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Le Stylo Rouge


Le Stylo Rouge is a lipstick in the shape of a pen. The stylo is very handy to carry and practical to use. The texture is rich, but feels very light and comfortable. The extremely gentle formula combines looks with nourishing, hydrating and protecting and contains anti-oxidants to prevent aging. Perfect for the most sensitive lips. The result is excellent coverage and a glossy finish.


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Pinceau Blush n°4


The Pinceau Blush n°4 is suitable for applying powder and cream blushes. It consists of innovative hairs, which feel soft and ?exible. The synthetic hairs have the perfect consistency to absorb the right amount of product. Due the slanted blush head ?ows the brush in only one movement and in softness over the cheeks. The result is a smooth glue on the cheeks.


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Pinceau D’Eclat


Combines the benefits of a concealer with that of a highlighter. The skin is perfected, signs of fatigue fade, the eyes and shadow zones light up and the lip contours take shape.


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Powder Brush N°1


The Powder Brush N°1 of Les Couleurs de Noir is the outcome of more than two years of research. The compact bristles imitate the natural bristles up until 1 micron. Each bristle contains synthetic scales that captures the compact and loose powder and allocates them on the skin in a controlled and homogeneous way that reflects again the high quality of the brush.


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Soft Fusion LipBalm


The lip balsam “Soft Fusion” provides sensitive lips with an extreme an immediate comfort thanks to its ultralight texture and its nourishing characteristics. Your lips will be fuller and pulpy with a kind of a semi-transparent satin look. The lip balsam combines make-up and body care. The formula contains a lot of active ingredients that makes your lips healthy and brake the aging process.

The skin of our lips is very thin and vulnerable. Lips haven’t any natural protection and this is due to the fact that they don’t produce any sebum and have no sebaceous glands. Moreover, our lips have no stratum corneum that could protect us. The hydration is very important. The lip balsam “Soft Fusion” contains jojoba oil and shea butter and has nourishing and hydrating properties. The balsam lays a protecting film on the lips. So the lips become very soft and comfortable. The protection of your lips is as important as their hydration. The lip balsam“Soft Fusion” is enriched with vitamin E. This antioxidant protects your lips against free radicals that could cause premature aging. The lip balsam “Soft Fusion” has been tested under dermatological control, and is silicon-free, paraben-free, talc-free and vaseline-free.

Jojoba oil : gives the lips an elasticity and is an antioxidant as well.
Shea butter : nourishes and restructures your lips.
Vitamin E : protects your lips against free radicals that cause premature aging.


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Soft Touch Blush


The Soft Touch Blush 01 – Peach & Pink has an extremely soft and creamy texture, perfect for creating the ideal gloss on the cheeks. The formula improves the complexion with an invisible veil, without weighing the skin.

The Soft Touch Blush 02 – French Rose has an extremely soft and creamy texture, perfect for creating the ideal gloss on the cheeks. The formula improves the complexion with an invisible veil, without weighing the skin.


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Soft Touch Bronzing Powder


The formula enhances the colour of an imperceptible bright coloured veil : the skin is adorned by a wonderfully sunny and natural glow. The result is a dazzling and natural tanned colour. If one layer is not enough, you can go over it again with a brush as much as you want until you get the colour of your dreams. The formula is composed by several mineral ultra-fine powders. The high-quality emollients provide a creamy texture. The formula of the “Poudre Bronzante Touch” has been tested under dermatological control and is paraben-free and odourless.

Zea mays amidone / Zea mays (maize) amidone: puts a protection layer on the skin


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Soft Touch Eyeshadow Quattro


The Soft Touch e/s quattro consists of 4 colors. You can create a natural day look with one palette. You can easily switch from a day look to a night look. You either choose 3 lighter colors or 3 intense colors, or you just work more or less with the darkest color. The high pigmentation ensures that you need less product to obtain an optimal coverage and easy to blend. The skin is the most sensitive around the eyes and certainly on the eyelids. We choose at les Couleurs de Noir for a “Soft Touch” formula which treated very well by women with sensitive skin, sensitive eyes or contact lenses wearers.


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Stylo Liner WP


The Stylo Liner WP brings pure power and precision with a deep black ink stream in one motion. 12-hour liquid eyeliner with concentrated black carbon and silky shine. The eyeliner is waterproof.


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Stylo Sourcils WR


The Stylo Sourcils WR is a extendable eyebrow pencil with a fine tip for an ultra-precise definition of the eyebrows. The texture is powdery, extremely light and has excellent glide. At the back is a sharpener and a brush. Use the brush to shape the eyebrows and work out the color. The result is very natural, water-resistant and long lasting.


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