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Dissolvant 1S


The “Dissolvant 1S” is fast, simple and handy and can be applied without usage of cotton. Just glide your fingers in the pot and gee-up, it’s done ! Thanks to its practical size, this dissolvant can fit into any kind of handbags. The height of the little pot has been studied in order to avoid all your fingers from gliding into the pot during the removal of the varnish. And the best has yet to come: your nails will not be weakened thanks to the nourishing almond oil that the product also contains. The product has been dermatologically tested, contains no parabens and no acetone at all.

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil (almond oil): strenghtens the nails and nourishes the cuticles.


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E/S Brush n°2


A full and rounded shape eyeshadow brush. Designed for precision adjustment when applying and blending powder eyeshadow. It takes up just the right amount of pigment and ensures optimal hold.

Les Couleurs de Noir collaborates with a designer working by traditional practices. Our brushes are hand made in Italy in order to guarantee the highest quality.


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Eye Stylo WR


An ultra soft and creamy texture, expedient to/for women with sensitive eyes. The Eye Stylo WR enables you to draw an extreme precise, intense and steady line. It gives you a semi-mat result and can be easily blurred into a sooty black effect. The formula is based on wax and oils and is enriched with plenty of body care ingredients. The only goal is to get a radiant skin and a good health. The Formula of the Eyes Stylo WR has been dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested and is paraben-free, odourless, paraffin-free and mineral oil-free.
Hyaluronic acid : hydrates and possesses visco-elastic properties
DEFENSIL®: normalizes the sensitive skin by immediate soothing (e) of the irritated skin, with a long-term effect.
Vitamin C: activates the collegen production.
Vitamin E: hydrates and protects the skin against premature aging.
SEPITONIC M3®: anti-aging effect by inhibiting the glycation.



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F-OXY Mascara


With Oxy-Relief Therapy which stimulates microcirculation and health of the eyelashes. Ozonized Jojoba Oil restores volume, elasticity and natural shine of the lashes, while the rich yet lightweight formula envelops the lashes more volume, extra length and improved curl.



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Full Gloss Lip Maximizer


The Gloss Lip “Full Gloss Lip Maximizer” of Les Couleurs de Noir hydrates the lips and creates instant and durable volume thanks to the MAXI-LIPTIM. This natural peptide is effective in the reconstruction of the connective substance by stimulating the synthesis of collagen (+350%) and glycosaminoglycans (+146%). The perfect solution for a glossy, light and non-adhesive effect which makes your lips pulpier. Dermatologically tested, paraben-free, odourless, paraffin-free, without any mineral oils and hypoallergenic.



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La Base


“La base” is composed of active ingredients that strenghtens your nails and makes them hard and healthy. Your nails become smooth and healthy. La base is ideal to achieve beautiful, polished nails.

Essential lemon oil: antiseptic and purifying effect.
Vitamin C: accelerates the healing process and stimulates the immunity of the nails.
Keratin: micro particles penetrating into the cells of the internal membrane of the nails and provides a strong and resistant layer of keratin.
Vitamin A: active for the production of collagen.
Vitamin E: hydrating and protects the nails. It is also growth-stimulating.La Base zit boordevol actieve ingrediënten die nagels terug sterk, hard en gezond maken. De nagel voelt glad en gezond aan. De perfecte basis voor mooi gelakte nagels.



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Nail Polish


The Les Couleurs de Noir nail polish offers a cocktail of colours, care and brilliance. During the development of our formula we have added particular attention to the nails. This means that you won’t find any trace of formaldehyde, toluene, camphor and phthalates. What you may expect are 8 different sparkling colours that dry quickly and will stay for a long time. The nail varnish consists of resin and a studied dose of solvents that guarantee you a fast drying and a very resistant finishing touch. Not only is the bottle very elegant, it is also equipped with an ergonomic stop and with a big flat nail brush that enables you to apply your favourite colour in an easy way.



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Powder Brush n°1


The Powder Brush n°1 of Les Couleurs de Noir is the outcome of more than two years of research to find synthetic high-quality bristles. This brush is an Italian handmade brush with help of an Italian designer who grants a paramount importance to handicrafts.

Les Couleurs de Noir has decisively chosen synthetic bristles because they are perfectly appropriate to the most sensitive skins. They have not only a smooth touch, but they are also more hygienic and have a longer durability. All brushes are made with animal-friendly methods. The compact bristles imitate the natural bristles up until 1 micron. Each bristle contains synthetic scales that captures the compact and loose powder and allocates them on the skin in a controlled and homogeneous way that reflects again the high quality of the brush.


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Soft Fusion LipBalm


The lip balsam “Soft Fusion” provides sensitive lips with an extreme an immediate comfort thanks to its ultralight texture and its nourishing characteristics. Your lips will be fuller and pulpy with a kind of a semi-transparent satin look. The lip balsam combines make-up and body care. The formula contains a lot of active ingredients that makes your lips healthy and brake the aging process.

The skin of our lips is very thin and vulnerable. Lips haven’t any natural protection and this is due to the fact that they don’t produce any sebum and have no sebaceous glands. Moreover, our lips have no stratum corneum that could protect us. The hydration is very important. The lip balsam “Soft Fusion” contains jojoba oil and shea butter and has nourishing and hydrating properties. The balsam lays a protecting film on the lips. So the lips become very soft and comfortable. The protection of your lips is as important as their hydration. The lip balsam“Soft Fusion” is enriched with vitamin E. This antioxidant protects your lips against free radicals that could cause premature aging. The lip balsam “Soft Fusion” has been tested under dermatological control, and is silicon-free, paraben-free, talc-free and vaseline-free.

Jojoba oil : gives the lips an elasticity and is an antioxidant as well.
Shea butter : nourishes and restructures your lips.
Vitamin E : protects your lips against free radicals that cause premature aging.



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Soft Touch Bronzing Powder


The formula enhances the colour of an imperceptible bright coloured veil : the skin is adorned by a wonderfully sunny and natural glow. The result is a dazzling and natural tanned colour. If one layer is not enough, you can go over it again with a brush as much as you want until you get the colour of your dreams. The formula is composed by several mineral ultra-fine powders. The high-quality emollients provide a creamy texture. The formula of the “Poudre Bronzante Touch” has been tested under dermatological control and is paraben-free and odourless.

Zea mays amidone / Zea mays (maize) amidone: puts a protection layer on the skin



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