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Pinceau n° 32 FDT Crème


A unique brush composed of two types of bristles. The different kind of bristles make it easy to pick up liquid formulas and blend them out.

All our brushes are hand-tied in Italy by a master expert of brushes to ensure the highest quality. We always work with synthetic bristles because we absolutely want to guarantee animal friendly make-up. The synthetic bristles we use imitate animal hairs down to the smallest detail (1 micron). In addition, there are many advantages to synthetic hair. They are easy to wash out, feel softer and retain their original shape better.


Pick up some product with the brush and apply to the face. You can also apply the product to the face first and then blend it with the brush. Blend out in circular movements to achieve an even complexion. Do you want higher coverage? Than it’s better to use a dotting motion.


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