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Les couleurs de Noirs has arisen from the conviction to the philosophy that every woman should be entitled to beauty products and beauty care products, even if she suffers from an allergy.

Les Couleurs de Noir originates has arisen out of the conviction that every woman has the right to have beauty products and body care products at her disposal, even if she is suffering from an allergy. The idea to develop a range of products based on a black list (which contains a list of ingredients that we refuse to use) was quite new and revolutionary.

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Every product of Les Couleurs de Noir has been tested on ladies suffering from allergy. We are convinced that every type of skin can be beautiful. That is why all our products have been tested under dermatological control and why they are aimed for the well-being of every skin.

Les Couleurs de Noir has teamed up with pharmaceutical consultants who have an array of knowledge of our products and who will be able to help you choose the most appropriate product.

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Do you suffer from an hypersensitivity ? Before you even try to find out the cause, it is important to understand the difference between irritation and an allergy. Irritation is phenomena that can happen to everyone. An allergy is a personal occurrence. An irritation mostly occurs immediately after having used a certain product or after a make-up removal (by scrubbing).

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). The skin has been injured and starts to show redness, scorch spots and peeling phenomena. These can be caused by using too frequently the same products or ingredients. This kind of irritation will disappear quite soon when you stop using them.

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An allergy is the result of a response of hypersensitivity of an immune system to an allergen.  The allergen is in itself a completely harmless substance.  The immune system makes sure that the foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses and other new substances will be scotched. The immune system does this by creating specific antibodies against the invaders.

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It does happen that the immune system sometimes reacts to a totally harmless substance, that activates the production of antibodies. These are the antibodies that provoke unwanted symptoms such as redness and itching. An allergy is an abnormal reaction towards a harmless substance.

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The eye itself and the skin around the eyes are the most sensitive areas of the face. Both are vulnerable to many external factors. Tear fluid forms a kind of barrier against the wind, coldness and dust. It stands to the reason that the dysfunction of this tear fluid may lead to wet, dry or irritated eyes.

The fragile area around the eyes contains weaker sebaceous glands than in the other parts of the facial skin, which means that this area possesses similarly a weaker hydro lipidic layer. An overly aggressive make-up remover or the use of inappropriate cosmetic products can lead easily to irritations and allergic reactions, that could engender redness, dry eyes, itching and swollen eyelids.

Try to avoid as much as possible products made of perfume or common allergens.