Development based on a blacklist for women with sensitive skin


All the Les Couleurs de Noir products have been manufactured on the basis of a blacklist. This black list is a list of ingredients which we refuse to use, because they often cause allergies.


93% of the women surveyed would recommend the products of Les Couleurs de Noir to their family, friends and acquaintances.

Can make-up also be healthy for your skin?

No doubt ! Les Couleurs de Noir make-up products do not just create a more beautiful skin they also contain active ingredients that keep your skin healthy. In terms of the type of product, we have added moisturising, nourishing and protecting properties to our products. Les Couleurs de Noir gives you radiant skin and good health. Our eye contour products have been tested under ophtalomologic control.

Our products have been thoroughly checked against the presence of any bacteria. This is good news for the contour eye area, often vulnerable to allergies. Our products are perfectly suited for sensitive eyes and contact lens users.

All the products of Les Couleurs de Noir have been manufactured on basis of a black list.
Private classes and the make-up school

Les Couleurs de Noir would be delighted to help you. We are of the opinion that each person can wear any colour. It’s just a matter of finding the right intensity. We will show you how. Our videos and our outlines give you instructions online how to get the perfect look, step by step.

Furthermore, we organize informative make-up workshops on a regular base at pharmacies so that you get the opportunity to discover our range of products.